"..exponential progress through going further into the details and continuing to evolve while remaining small.."

NANOGRAM is a family-owned business active in different sectors throughout various countries of the EU and beyond.

Being active in import, export, and international trade, NANOGRAM has had the privilege to develop a network of customers, suppliers, and collaborating partners on six continents. 

At the time being NANOGRAM is active in the trade of various food and non-food products not only in B2B market as a wholesaler but also through various e-commerce channels on the B2C level. 

Furthermore, NANOGRAM also offers various services through different divisions such as specialized consulting, marketing, IT services, graphical design, photography, and various professional services such as translations and interpretations.

Among its customers, not only various well-recognized multinationals are present, but also some very well-known NGOs and even different governmental organizations. However, most of the customers are consumers of far smaller needs but much greater expectations which prefer the quality, advice service, and personal treatment that they receive time after time, independent of the size of their purchase. 

NANOGRAM believes that social involvement is essential and therefore pursuits involvement in various initiatives of local social involvement with the purpose of helping the ones that are in need the most and dedicates a certain percentage of the revenue to this purpose.